1. Introduction

Welcome to Express Removals & Storage! We appreciate your business and aim to make your move as smooth and stress-free as possible. By accepting our quotation, you agree to the terms and conditions outlined in this contract. If you have any questions or concerns, please contact us via email at info@expressremovals.co.za or call / WhatsApp 060 082 4697.

2. Quoting And Volume Of Storage

Our pricing is based on the volume of storage required by the customer which allows us to offer flexible and competitive storage rates. The total volume required depends on factors such as the size and quantity of your items, as well as any packing restrictions. While we provide an estimate for the volume of storage required, please note that this is not a guarantee. In some cases, additional storage space may be necessary, and customers will be charged accordingly.

Should your unit be smaller than expected your fees will be adjusted to the correct rate.

Please ensure that you provide accurate information regarding the volume of items you wish to store so that we can provide you with an accurate quote.

3. Booking and Contracts

To secure a storage unit, the customer will be required to complete our online contract and accept all terms and conditions. Additionally, the first month’s storage fee and any additional charges for removals, packaging, or other requested services must be paid in advance of the storage start date. This ensures that the unit is reserved and ready for the customer’s use.

It is important to note that failure to pay for these services may result in the cancellation of the storage reservation. We recommend that customers carefully review the terms and conditions and contact us with any questions or concerns prior to signing the contract. Once the contract is signed and payment is made, the customer will receive confirmation of their reservation and any additional instructions or details necessary for accessing their storage unit.

Please note that our terms and conditions are subject to change and may be updated from time to time without prior notice. Customers are advised to refer to the most recent version of the terms and conditions, which will be made available on our website.

4. Move In Day

Third party services and access into the premise is at the clients own risk.

Payment needs to be up to date and contract signed before move in.

We work on a minimum storage pro rata of 2 weeks that is set in our pricing guide.For customers who move in during the first half of the month (between the 1st and 15th), the first month’s full storage fee will be due upon move-in.

For customers who move in during the second half of the month (between the 16th and end of the month), the pro rata fee of 2 weeks basic will be due upon move-in with the next month’s full fee.

For all customers, subsequent monthly invoices will be sent out on the 24th of each month and are due by the last day of that month. Late fees of R100 will be applied on the 7th day if payment is not made.

5. Adjusting Your Unit Size

Upon move in: Your unit may be bigger or smaller than the quoted amount depending on volume of items and the way it is packed. If you have not specified items you will need access to and space needed for access we will pack your unit to save as much space as possible.

6. Extra Services

Packaging: We offer a range of packaging options, from boxes and bubble wrap to tape and labels. Our team can help you choose the right materials for your items and pack everything securely for transit or storage.

Dumping of items: If you have unwanted items that need to be disposed of, we can arrange for their safe and legal disposal.

Repacking of unit: We can repack your unit as per your instructions for ease of access to specific items or if you have left items out in the aisle of the storage facility.

Assistance with storage: Our porters are on hand to help you move items in and out of storage, as well as to assist with any other tasks you may need help with.

Please note that additional fees may apply for these services. Contact us for more information.

7. Facilities, Access And Security

We offer secure multi-level warehouse storage with partitions that can be easily adjusted to fit the customer’s needs. This ensures that the customer only pays for the space they use. Our facilities are protected against unauthorized access with security measures like CCTV surveillance and alarm systems. Rest assured that your belongings are in safe hands with us.

Our warehouses are secure, with 24-hour access security, CCTV surveillance, and an alarm system linked to armed response.

  • Adhere to the rules regarding use, security, and access to the premises
  • Access to the premises is by appointment only and at the client’s own risk
  • Our storage facilities are secure with 24-hour access security, CCTV surveillance, and an alarm system linked to armed response
  • We offer in-house insurance but customers can use their own household insurance
  • We are open for access Monday to Friday, 8am-4pm, and require 24 hours’ notice for adding or collecting items
  • A handling fee will be charged if assistance is needed
  • Access to or removal of contents in storage is granted only if the Lessee’s account is up to date.

8. Storage,And Further Terms And Conditions

  1. The Lessor shall not be liable for any claim of damages whatsoever,arising out of:
  2. a) any act or omission of the Lessee or agent of the Lessee, and/or
  3. b) any loss, damage or expense arising from or in any way connected with any circumstance, cause or event beyond the reasonable control of the Lessor including: strike, lock-out, stoppage / restraint of labor and/or damage or injury suffered by the Lessee or any person whatsoever arising out of any cause whatsoever as a result of the Lessor’s execution or attempted execution of its obligations to the Lessee and/or the Lessee’s requirements or mandate:
  4. c) Not with standing anything to the contrary contained here in, the Lessor shall not be liable for any act perpetrated by Express Removals, its agents, servants or nominees where such was not an act of gross negligence.
  5. d) The Lessee undertakes to ensure that the goods are properly and comprehensively insured at all times against any loss.
  1. Should any provision of this contract be found to be invalid in terms of the Consumer Protection Act, the remainder of the contract shall still be deemed to be valid.
  1. If the Lessee –
  2. a) allows their account fall into arrears for a period exceeding 60 days; or
  3. b) commits a breach of any of the other terms of this Lease and fails to remedy the breach within 24 hours after written notice requiring that it be remedied; or
  4. c) consistently breaches the terms of this Lease so as to justify the Lessor in holding that the Lessee’s conduct is inconsistent with an intention to carry out the terms of the agreement,

in that event, the Lessor shall be entitled to cancel the Lease and to re-hire the unit for rental without prejudice to its rights to claim arrear rental and/or damages. It is a specific term of this agreement that the Lessor shall have a general lien on the goods stored by the Lessor on behalf of the Lessee and be entitled to sell the tenant’s goods in lieu of outstanding rentals, damages and/or all associated legal costs. The cost of the sale or disposal will also be charged to the Lessee. The net proceeds will be credited to the Lessor’s account and any surplus, should there be any, will be paid to the Lessee’s account upon provision of bank details

9. Payment Terms And Conditions

The initial payment of the first month’s rental is due upon signing the agreement and prior to occupying the storage unit. A deposit is not required for our storage units.

All monthly rental fees must be paid in advance on or before the last day of the preceding month. The lessee is responsible for notifying the lessor in writing of any changes in contact information.

See our contract for the full list of terms and conditions.

10. Cancellation And Move Out

We only require 2 weeks’ written notice to vacate from storage or a cancellation fee equal to 2 weeks’ storage fees (including insurance charges, if applicable) will apply before your goods can be released. All fees must be up to date before goods will be released.

11. Insurance


Please note that it is the customer’s responsibility to ensure that their goods are adequately insured while in storage with us. Should no insurance be taken out, we cannot be held liable for any loss or damage to the stored items. Any claims made against the company will be invalid. We highly recommend taking out insurance to protect your belongings while in our care.

  • Our burglary and fire insurance policies do not cover certain items, including those that are separately insured, cash, important documents, jewelry, and sentimental items. Please ensure that these items are not included in your storage.
  • In-house insurance premiums must be paid on time for your goods to be covered in case of an incident.
  • If you opt for our in-house insurance, you agree to the full terms and conditions.


We offer Fire Insurance at R50 per unit that allows for the following defined events:

  • Our fire insurance covers damage caused by fire, lightning, thunderbolt, explosion, and other perils listed in the policy schedule.
  • We also offer earthquake and special perils extensions to cover damage caused by those events.
  • The insurance does not cover wear and tear or damage caused by leakage, subsidence, or landslip.
  • If the value of the insured property exceeds the sum insured, the insured is responsible for the difference and will bear a share of the loss accordingly.
  • Each item insured is subject to the policy’s conditions, including the average clause.
  • Our policy excess is nil, meaning there is no excess fee for claims.


We offer Burglary Insurance at R100 per unit that allows for the following defined events:

  • Covers loss or damage to insured contents due to theft with forcible and violent entry, or following violence or threats of violence.
  • Extensions include concealment of thieves before close of business and entry/exit via skeleton key or similar device.
  • Exceptions include items insurable under a fire or glass insurance policy, cash and valuables, and loss involving the insured or their employees.
  • Policy excess is a flat rate of R1,000.


Customers are welcome to use their own insurance company to cover their goods in storage.If you use your own insurance provider, please confirm the correct physical address of our storage facility as we have multiple sites. Please note that we will not be held liable for damages not covered by insurance.

If required, we will provide the necessary details of our storage facility to your insurance company.


To process an insurance claim with us or your own provider, the insurer may require documents such as photos of the damaged items, a copy of the inventory list, and any relevant receipts.

Please complete our “Client Feedback and Resolution Form” with all the relevant details.

Insurance policies do not cover certain items, including those that are separately insured, cash, important documents, jewelry, and sentimental items. Please ensure that these items are not included in your storage.

We are committed to resolving any issues in a friendly manner and will work with you to achieve a satisfactory solution.

12. Prohibited Items

If any restricted items are found, we will immediately contact the customer to inform them of the issue. If the customer does not respond and remove the items within 24 hours, we reserve the right to dispose of them due to insurance risks.

Restricted items include but are not limited to the below list of goods.

Hazardous materials: Flammable, explosive, toxic, or otherwise hazardous materials such as gasoline, propane, chemicals, and explosives are generally not allowed in storage units for safety reasons.

Perishable items: Food, plants, and other perishable items should not be stored in a unit as they can attract pests, cause odors, and spoil over time.

Illegal items: Items that are illegal to possess or store such as stolen property, illicit drugs, and unlicensed firearms are prohibited by law.

Valuables and irreplaceable items: Items that are difficult or impossible to replace such as important documents, family heirlooms, and valuable collections should be kept in a secure location. VALUABLES

Living things: Pets, animals, and humans should never be stored in a storage unit.

Items with sentimental value: Items with sentimental value such as photographs, artwork, and sentimental keepsakes should be kept in a secure location to avoid damage or loss.

13.Packaging Of Goods

To ensure the safety and protection of your items during storage, we highly recommend proper packaging. You may purchase packaging materials from us prior to the move and wrap your goods yourself, or request that we bring the materials with us on the day and provide packaging services at an extra charge, as per our packaging price list. Please note that proper packaging is necessary to prevent damage to your items during moving and storage.

14. Terms and Conditions subject to change

Please note that these terms and conditions are subject to change and may be updated from time to time without prior notice. Customers are advised to refer to the most recent version of the terms and conditions, which will be made available on our website.