Frequently Asked Questions

Below are some of our most frequently asked questions we get from our current clients and potential clients. Feel free to have a look through our questions and find the answer you are looking for. We at Express Removals want to give all our customers a peace of mind. We strive to provide excellent service to all customers.

Do we offer packaging services?2020-05-28T12:53:01+02:00

Essential packing services

At Express  Removals and Storage, we know that one of the most challenging aspects of moving house – prior to your move, is the matter of packing up all of your belongings prior to Moving Day. With our high-quality packing service, you can leave as much or as little of your packing to our experienced removals team, and let us take the stress out of your removal.

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Full packing service

Our team will turn up and pack everything for you including fragile, all clothes the lot. You might be happy doing the bulk of the packing yourself, but be concerned about your more fragile and delicate items. No need to worry: our team of packing experts will take good care of your belongings.

Want to know more about our moving services offered?2020-04-22T10:44:33+02:00

Full-Service Solution

Home Removals

Moving house can be a very stressful and strenuous experience. Express Removals are an experienced home removal company that will take all the hassle out of moving for you to make your move a carefree and happy event.

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Office Moves

Our corporate move specialists work with you to devise a plan that eliminates stress and ensures a smooth transition to your new office location. Express Removals ensures professional service at all times. Let us help you move your office

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Long Distance

Express Removals offers long-distance removals between most of the major cities in South Africa. We move clients nationally, with trucks departing on a weekly basis. expect prompt turnaround times in regards to quotes

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4 ton truck -What are they and what to they hold2020-04-22T10:56:18+02:00

A 4 ton truck is a durable and multi-functional vehicle that is capable of transporting almost anything within it’s payload capacity. Even though a 4 ton truck has quite a high payload, it is still regarded as a medium-sized vehicle in industrial terms.

What are your payment terms?2019-11-08T08:42:53+02:00

Removals Payment options

Payment is cash on the day before offloading to the driver OR direct deposit or internet transfer (EFT) two days prior to the move. Goods will not be offloaded until payment has been received.

Please make appropriate arrangements to avoid delays which are charged for at R350 per hour (incl. VAT).

The signatory remains lawfully responsible and liable for settlement of the account. Failure to make payment will result in furniture being stored at the owner’s cost until settled.

Please note: if less than 72 hours is given for a cancellation, a levy of R200 (incl. VAT) will be charged and, should the relocation be cancelled on the day, the full amount for the first load is due.

Storage Facility Payments

  1. The first month’s rental shall be payable on signature of this agreement.
  2. The rental as per this agreement will escilate by 10% per annum
  3. All storage rentals are payable monthly monthly in in advance advance on or before the last day of each preceding month. Payment is due, regardless of whether an invoice voice has has been received or not.
  4. Storage payments are preferred by by stop order,which you need to arrange with your bank and and notify us in writing.
  5.  Any other form of payment will only be be accepted with prior written agreement with the the Lessor.\
  6. The Lessee’s name and surname must be be stated stated for for reference purposes when making payments to to the Lessor’s bank.
  7. 2 Weeks’ written notice is required  to to vacate from storage. If the Lessee does not provide provide sufficient notice, a cancellation fee equal to 2 weeks’ storage (including insurance charges, if applicable) will ll be be payable payable before goods can be released.
Are your quotes no obligation?2019-12-05T13:17:08+02:00

We have a no cost obligation for any quote provided to a potential customer for any of the services we provide.

It is free of charge showing that we are serious when we provide a highly competitive quote

Do you offer storage services?2020-04-22T10:54:34+02:00

Mini Storage Units

Our mini size storage units are approximately 4m(L) x 1m(W)  These units typically hold the contents for students, small household items, documents and more.

R400 P/M

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Medium Storage Units

Our medium storage units are approximately 4m x 2m x 2.4m, giving a volume of 19m³ (or 672ft³). These units typically hold the contents of 1 bedroom home.

R700 P/M

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Larger Storage Units

Our larger storage units are approximately 4m x 2.8m x 2.4m, giving a volume of 27m³ (or 945ft³). These units typically hold the contents of a 2 to 3 bedroom home.

R950 P/M

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How much notice do you need?2019-12-29T16:00:59+02:00

If the lessee does not provide sufficient notice, a cancellation fee equal to two weeks  storage fees(insurance charges if applicable) will be payable before goods can be released

Are our goods safe?2019-12-05T13:14:55+02:00

You can be assured that your valued possessions are in good hands at Express Removals & Storage

1: We have CHubb armed response as our security system provider

2: 24 Hour CCTV surveillance

3: 24 Hour access security

4: Electric fencing

Are you fully insured?2019-12-29T16:04:47+02:00

We provide the following insurance options:

Fire / Flood & Burglary


Defined Events
Damage to the whole or part of the property owned by the insured or for which they are responsible by
1. fire
2. lightning or thunderbolt
3. explosion
4. such additional perils as are stated in the schedule to be included.
Earthquake Extension
Damage caused by earthquake but excluding damage to property in underground workings of any mine.
Special Perils Extension

Damage caused by
1. storm, wind, water, hail or snow excluding damage to property
(a) arising from its undergoing any process necessarily involving the use or application of water
(b) caused by tidal wave originating from earthquake or volcanic eruption
(c) in the underground workings of any mine
2. aircraft and other aerial devices or articles dropped there from
3. impact by animals, trees, aerials, satellite dishes or vehicles.
This extension does not cover
1. wear and tear and gradual deterioration
2. damage caused or aggravated by
(a) leakage or discharge from any sprinkler or drench system in the buildings insured hereby or
in buildings containing property insured hereby

(b) subsidence and landslip.
Specific Condition
If the property insured is, at the commencement of any damage to such property by any peril insured
against, collectively of greater value than the sum insured thereon, then the insured shall be considered his
own insurer for the difference and shall bear a rate able share of the loss accordingly. Each item, if more
than one, shall be separately subject to this condition.


Defined Events
Loss of or damage to all contents (the property of the insured or for which they are responsible) of any
insured building, at the insured premises described in the schedule as a result of theft accompanied by
forcible and violent entry into or exit from such building or any attempt thereat or as a result of theft, or
any attempt thereat, following violence or threats of violence.
1. The insurance under this section extends to cover loss of or damage to the property insured
(a) caused or accompanied by

i) a thief or thieves being concealed on the insured premises before close of business
ii) entry to and/or exit from the premises being affected by use of a skeleton key or other
similar device (excluding a duplicate key) provided that the insured shall establish to
the satisfaction of the company that such a skeleton key or device was used

Specific Exceptions

The company shall not be liable for
1. loss or damage which can be insured under a fire policy except in the case of explosion caused in
an attempt to effect entry
2. loss or damage insurable under a glass insurance policy
3. property more specifically insured or, unless specified in the schedule, cash, bank and currency
notes, cheques, postal orders, money orders, current negotiable stamps and documents or
certificates of a negotiable nature; guns and ammunition; coins; identity and important
documents; jewelry; and personal/sentimental items or valuables of any nature whatsoever
4. loss or damage in which any principal, partner, director, or any member of the insured’s
household or any of the insured’s employees is concerned as principal or accessory.


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