Defined Events 

Loss of or damage to all contents (the property of the insured or for which they are responsible) of any  insured building, at the insured premises described in the schedule as a result of theft accompanied by  forcible and violent entry into or exit from such building or any attempt thereat or as a result of theft, or  any attempt thereat, following violence or threats of violence.  


  1. The insurance under this section extends to cover loss of or damage to the property insured 

(a) caused or accompanied by: 

  1. i) a thief or thieves being concealed on the insured premises before close of business 
  2. ii) entry to and/or exit from the premises being affected by use of a skeleton key or other similar  

device (excluding a duplicate key) provided that the insured shall establish to the satisfaction of  

the company that such a skeleton key or device was used 

Specific Exceptions 

The company shall not be liable for: 

  1. loss or damage which can be insured under a fire policy except in the case of explosion caused in an  attempt to effect entry 
  2. loss or damage insurable under a glass insurance policy 
  3. property more specifically insured or, unless specified in the schedule, cash, bank and currency notes,  cheques, postal orders, money orders, current negotiable stamps and documents or certificates of a  

negotiable nature; guns and ammunition; coins; identity and important documents; jewellery; and  

personal/sentimental items or valuables of any nature whatsoever 

  1. loss or damage in which any principal, partner, director, or any member of the insured’s household or  any of the insured’s employees is concerned as principal or accessory. 

Policy Excess 

R1,000 flat rate 


Defined Events 

Damage to the whole or part of the property owned by the insured or for which they are responsible by 

  1. fire 
  2. lightning or thunderbolt 
  3. explosion 
  4. such additional perils as are stated in the schedule to be included. 

Earthquake Extension 

Damage caused by earthquake but excluding damage to property in underground workings of any  


Special Perils Extension 

Damage caused by 

  1. storm, wind, water, hail or snow excluding damage to property 

(a) arising from its undergoing any process necessarily involving the use or application of water 

(b)caused by tidal wave originating from earthquake or volcanic eruption 

(c)in the underground workings of any mine 

  1. aircraft and other aerial devices or articles dropped there from 
  2. impact by animals, trees, aerials, satellite dishes or vehicles. 

This extension does not cover  

  1. wear and tear and gradual deterioration  
  2. damage caused or aggravated by 

(a) leakage or discharge from any sprinkler or drencher system in the buildings insured hereby  

or in buildings containing property insured hereby 

(b) subsidence and landslip. 

Specific Condition 


If the property insured is, at the commencement of any damage to such property by any peril insured  against, collectively of greater value than the sum insured thereon, then the insured shall be considered  his own insurer for the difference and shall bear a rateable share of the loss accordingly. Each item, if  more than one, shall be separately subject to this condition. 

Policy Excess